“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.”


The famous Apple company co-founder, Steve Jobs, who died at the age of 56 because of pancreatic cancer left a speech last 2005 that made people realize everybody has a choice. You can view the entire speech at Huffington Post.

Funny as it seems, but according to studies, 99% of the problems or stressors that people meet are self-inflicted. People usually have the tendency to value the negative feedback than the positive one. God created everyone uniquely; we all have our own idea, own capacity, skills and talent that we can show the world. It is true that we need new and genuine ideas to grow in life, but doesn’t mean being stuck and to live in it.

Living with it is different from living in it. Living with it means consuming the idea and grow with it, but living in it means dwelling on the idea and not doing anything.

We need to feed our brain with the right thoughts coming from the mouth of other people.  People have this mentality that if you follow your heart, it will just lead you to failure, but others believe that it will lead you to places you’ve never been to. He wants us to understand that we need to have the courage to believe the impossible and listen to our own unique ideas. The wisdom that he imparted to us made the Steve Jobs we know.

2017-09-11 05.37.49

(Me on the rooftop of the hospital I’m currently working. It took me 6 years before I became a nurse, it wasn’t easy but it was good)


Know what you want. Don’tbe afraid to try new things, learn everything you can learn, experience all the good things you can experience. Spend time wisely. Don’t listen to people who are afraid to take the risk. Follow your intuition; it can lead you to the right path. It will be difficult at first, but it’ll be easier soon.

Don’t be a COPYCAT. Stop being the person other people want you to become. People tend to compare one from another, but don’t get me wrong, there are situations where it’s considered positive but it’s mostly negative. For example, if an early bird co-worker gets compared to a lazy coworker, that’s positive because you want to impose a good attitude, and it’s called INSPIRATION. But if you ALWAYS compare a good employee to another, that’s a different thing. Because the possibility of that person you compare of copying the good employee is 100%. Instead of growing for the better, he’ll just be copying him/her and her uniqueness is not nourished. Living a copycat life is never a good thing.

Life is SHORT. Nowadays, people only live up to a most of 70-80 years old, and leaving Earth with regrets is something you don’t want to happen. Don’t be misled by false principles or point-of-view that will tell you to focus on things that make you unhappy or be led by the false teachings of society, don’t let them shape your persona. Be who you are and, focus on the person who you want to become. Human ideas are limitless. Don’t let the words of other people stress you out, be who you are and be happy with it. You have the freedom to individualism and independence, use it well.

He wants us to understand that, in this era, drifting towards a different direction is easy and people usually end up living up someone else’s life. Forcing yourself to something you don’t want will just create a dilemma and chaotic situations that will sabotage your dreams and aspirations. We need to learn to live our lives. Be who we are, widen our horizons, broaden our knowledge, cross our own tough bridges, and make sure we nourish our uniquely created God-given talents.

Steve Jobs tells us that we all have a choice; either we live our own life happily before we face our graves, or live the life of people we think that will make us happy. So, whose life are you living?


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