What Christmas is like for Nurses Like You and Me

I’m an emergency nurse and I work during every holidays every year. My everyday arbitrary episode made me realize that Christmas is made for people like us.

Have you ever thought, what it’s like for nurses like you and me?

ER is like a battlefield before, after and during holidays. Have you been to a Christmas bazaar? That’s what it’s like except that we’re not selling stuff, we’re saving lives.

We make sure to revive a patient suffering from cardiac arrest so that their family can celebrate Christmas with grace.

We run so we can give a person suffering from severe allergy the medicine they need so they can breath and spend the rest of the day with their loved one.

We hold our breath looking at monitors hoping it shows normal rhythm so we can assure worrying relatives that their patient can hear their cries.

We turn our eyes away from parents in pain because their kid is in critical bed suffering from seizure.

We make sure to keep all the pain in our heart whenever a patient expire and smile onto the next patient to assure them that they’re in good hands.

Yeah, it may be tough because we’re not with our own families but we make sure that we make our patients feel that we are the only ones they have by how we take care of them.

We make sure to make frequent rounds and cure the symptoms so that they can celebrate Christmas with their family.

We make sure to discharge them 2 hours before Christmas so at least they can cook dinner.

We smile for our patients, we make sure we won’t make them feel alone. We make sure we make them feel that they will be okay and that we will take care of their relatives and answer all random questions with all that we have.

We make sure to talk to our patients and listen to their Christmas preparations and heartwarming stories. We laugh with them, we cry with them and share the agony of losing a loved one.

We make sure that we make them realize that God loves the one who believe in His son.

Christmas means giving the King the glory He’s due by taking care of His people. That’s how I understand how this holiday season works for people like us, and to all who celebrates at work not only to nurses but to all who give services to employees who need it during these times.

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