Love yourself more before loving others.

This was a post I made last 2013. This is a message for those out there who keep on comparing their women/men to others to make them who you want them to be. Change is good, but complete transformation due to frustration is a total wreck. Remember, feeling good is way much better than looking fine. If you feel pretty, then you will be. It will be seen in your aura and how you brighten people up with your presence. Remember, they loved you even before they had those annoying thoughts in their head.

No one has the right to question someone’s self worth.



I’m not quite sure if I’m going to take this seriously or what. All I know is I’m not okay with all the that-suits-you or try this and that. Sounds shallow but these phrases are subtly pulling me down, BIG TIME.

I read fashion magazines but I’m no Georgina Wilson dear. I don’t do wardrobe attendance, Prada-Gucci shoe inventory or Louis Vutton-Hermes closet inspection thingy every now and then. I’m just me. Just me. And the stuff that I have will not even pass the quality check of a second rated walk-in closet. I have a red bag from Sophie worth P1700, plastic shoe worth P150 from I bought from the streets, pants from Bench worth P700 and a shirt from Greenhills worth P150 I got from a SALE.

I can’t be those girls you see on ETC. You can’t make me like them. I can be pretty and awesome in my own way, I don’t need to be a copycat to walk my way to fashion.

I may not be able to walk straight in high heels but I can learn, I may not have the designer clothes in Forever 21 but I can buy ’em, I may not be able to classify the best dresses in People are people but I know what fits me best.

I’m not the insecure type, but guess what you’re making me one of them. And please stop. This kind of mentality is the main reason why more and more women are being demanding and are less contented with what they have. I can’t help making shit out of my closet looking for the best clothes to wear and find the perfect makeup in my pouch for you just to be satisfied.

One day you tell me I’m beautiful, one day you tell me I’m not and one day you tell me how awesome I will be if I wear clothes like this, or If I wear something like that or if I color my hair like that and style it like this.

I’m not really sure, and I hope not. I’m starting to think that with all these words, one day whatever it is that you feel about me will just wear off like a beautiful makeup covering up a pretty bad face.

I’m a woman and you are so good in making me feel like one in the most pleasant way, for letting me feel all of these shitty shallow insecurities which I just realized that I have when we started being together.

I will be who I want to be. Wear the clothes I have, walk with the shoes I bought from a cheap sale. You can flaunt yourself all you want with all the apparel you want to buy, I couldn’t care less. Thank you for the reminders though. Ciao!

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