My Sister’s Thoughts on Gender Equality.

The battle of the sexes has been going on for many generations. Many people believe that gender equality should be imposed at all times. However, modern society tramples on the idea that every person regardless of their gender should be treated with respect. I firmly believe that gender equality must be enforced by society and promoted for the benefit of those who are stereotyped and oppressed to prevent the degeneration of humanity.

People strive for a peaceful and harmonious world. Equality prevents chaos by giving everyone the right to decide for themselves regardless of their gender. The basic necessity of getting a job would be a swift process if equality is enforced. Through the years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia started acknowledging the idea of letting women vote, and choose their desired profession which is beneficial as evidenced by their growing economy.

In addition, gender equality demotes abuse, inhumane and unjust treatment to the population. The government and the media will start paying more attention to crimes regardless of the gender of the involved party. There will be enough organizations to offer assistance to those who are frightened to complain because of feeling humiliated and mocked. Research made last 2014 implies that the majority of men raped inside the US military were unreported thus only a few were known.


On the other hand, the world needs to acknowledge the scientific fact that men and women were created biologically different. Men are anatomically built stronger than women even if they choose to desecrate their bodies with surgical advancements. Nowadays, transgenders spend a fortune to attain their dream of becoming who they choose to be. Apparently, they are now allowed to enter competitions that are gender exclusive. On a scientific point of view, transgender men cannot compete equally with natural born women athletically and vice versa.

In conclusion, it is in my firm opinion that gender equality is one of the ways that can save this chaotic modern society. Humanity has worked hand in hand since the beginning of time to achieve peace and order. The concept should be embraced by everyone and reap its benefits to the general public.

SPECIAL NOTE: This article is written using the IELTS (International English Language Test System) format, this is not copied or plagiarized. For those who will be taking the exam, you can read this and follow it as a format or not. Everyone is free to read the above article. 

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