Be Thankful and Hopeful – #29th

I just turned 29 years old ten days ago. Since I have come this far in life and won over all the petty troubles can I really say that I am mature enough to deal with the coming years of my life? Of course not. I am still immature to think that I can avoid my future mistakes, cheat my way to success and ignore all the possible hypocrisy this world offers.

But I can say that I am grateful because —

I am alive. I can smile, laugh with my family, friends and to people I have never met before. I can make imperfect decisions and live to pay the consequences for it. Shed tears for the irreplaceable loss, feel bad for the irrevocable damages I have done to people and have the chance to apologize for it. Make cringe-worthy jokes and awkward expressions.

Friends, I can call family. Brothers and sisters who are always there for me and assures me that everything will be fine and just laugh it off regardless of the severity of the situation.

I have a family who always supports me. Parents who I can go to despite the distances and the healing relationships. Sisters who trust me and appreciates my strengths and weakness. A family I can call home.

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