Stop Crying Over Spilled Milk

One thing I’ve learned from being an emergency department nurse is you can’t undo any unacceptable event that’s been done.

During my first days in New Zealand, I invariably feel bad whenever I do something that pesters other people by mistake. Afriend I met here in NZ keeps reminding me, “what’s done is done, stop crying over spilled milk and move on.” That got me considering that maybe I’ve been thinking too much.

Of course, to make sure I’m using the idiom correctly, I did my research assignment, Cambridge defined it as,

To express regret about something that has already happened or cannot be changed. 

Well, I sometimes like to cry over my spilled milk. I sometimes regret some of the drastic decisions I make when things don’t go according to how I wanted it to be but just act like I don’t. And there are days where it get so annoying cause’ I feel like there’s nothing I can do about it. I end up sitting down, sipping on my big cup of coffee and listen to the tick-tock of the wall clock.

From petty to mind-boggling decisions that people make day-to-day, there will always be that annoying flaw that’s going to ruin your day and make you think why did you choose that route.

Mother Theresa

These are just things that always occupy peoples’ mind instead of moving forward. Regrets have killed a lot of good people, great, fine and happy ones because they can’t let go of the worst.

There are no mistakes just lessons.

What will happen if we keep holding on to these things? The pain, hurt, suffering, substantial critical decisions that we couldn’t accept? If we don’t stop, it will eat us up and we will just end up waking up with regrets everyday.

Let go, and let God.

Stop focusing on the remorse and the world of what-ifs. We need to put some effort to let go of the poor decisions and emotional outburst we had in the past.

Human beings can use 10% of their brain, so either you choose to sit down and cry on things that can’t be undone or move on and be thankful that you’re given another chance to turn things around.


Make a lot of mistakes and learn from them. We don’t need to know the answer to all unsettled questions. Let the people hear it from someone who went through so much wrong decisions that they got good at making wise ones.

Be cool and think of all the things you want to do. If you keep swimming with regrets, you will miss the real picture. It may sound cliche, but some people just keep on digging on the wrong places in their life and we will not be like them, we’re better.


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