RE: Coronavirus – Racial Discrimination. Words of a fellow Asian (Chinese)

Disclaimer: Long post ahead

I am a Filipino 100% and my partner is half-Filipino and half-Chinese. He keeps saying that he’s Filipino by heart because that’s what on his nationality in his birth certificate, not until the Coronavirus issue started last 2019. He woke up one day feeling so bad about the people he loved discriminating his fellow Chinese because of the virus.


He was in deep dejection and got so furious that he started writing to express his frustration and saved it on my laptop. He said he will post it in my blog but forgot about it. He’s a dedicated emergency nurse who only cares about his patients and their family regardless of their ethnicity. All the predicaments and the indifference that his people receive broke his heart. So he wrote this,

Why we don’t deserve a better country.

Do you ever wonder why our country is considered a 3rd world country? Why can’t a country with such beautiful islands, white-sanded beaches, pristine mountains, and people whose motto is ‘It’s more fun–’ be like other developed countries?

These and some other questions have been locked up in my mind for years and due to recent events, (particularly the new strain of Coronavirus landing in my country.), I decided, ‘Hey, I’ve kept my thoughts shut for so long. I guess it’s finally time to unlock this cage of words and share it with my fellow countrymen.’ 

Take my words with a grain of salt and reflect, you have been warned. I am currently in New Zealand as a nurse. The streets and air are clean, the traffic is better and nurses get paid way better. There’s also not much crime. Establishments like banks and malls don’t have security guards. The police roaming the streets have batons instead of guns.

Random people greet you for no reason at all and nobody cares what you wear as well. Education here is to study first pay later. You can pay your tuition after you get a job. The government gives you an allowance as well. Suffice to say, it is more fun here than in the Philippines.

Yes, it is easy for me to say these words because I’m in another country, a better country. You could also say that I have no right to say anything about the Philippines because I don’t know the current situation back at home. But I do. It’s all over my social media. It’s all over the news.

Filipinos just can’t stop talking about how shitty their lives are every single day and we are very proud of it. I have lived in the Philippines for 30 years and loved every minute of it, especially my loved ones. I had to leave my country for the same reason everyone does, for greener pasture, I wouldn’t otherwise.

So, when I arrived in New Zealand 3 months ago, the first thing that came to my mind was, ‘Why can’t my country be like this?’. Then I realized, we get what we deserve.  Filipinos despised being looked down upon, I mean who wouldn’t? But we are a special breed.

Anything bad you say about Filipinos, any small racial remark in any form of media is considered big news in our country. Not only that, our government gets involved right away. Apparently, the racial comments on Dan Brown’s book are more important than the rising taxes, traffic and poverty.

Frankly speaking, we just want to be noticed and as human beings we just want attention. We want it so bad that it becomes the headline of every news channel. We are too focused on what other countries think of us rather than what we Filipinos think of ourselves. We want our countrymen to be important, respectable, noble hard-workers and that Filipinos are not your usual Asians.

Unfortunately, we have shown the world what we really are. Recently, the news of a new virus that originated from Wuhan, China has the world in a pandemic crisis. Flights have been banned to and from the city and the international health community has everyone united in a race to create a vaccine for the virus.

Now, what does the Filipino do during these dark times? We go to social media like the attention-seeking hypocrites that we are and discriminate the people of China. It seems we found a discreet way to discriminate them.

Everyone back at home now labels anyone who even looks Chinese as a carrier of the Virus. If I were back home, no one would come near me because of my ethnicity. Even Chinese people that have been living for a long time in the Philippines are labelled infectious.

Chinese people just living their normal lives are suddenly in the spotlight, you hear whispers, apIn the words of Peter Griffin, THIS grinds my gears. I have Chinese heritage, coming from a half Chinese mother and father, I guess you could say, this was the last straw.

For years I grew up where my classmates would call me, ‘Intsik! Chekwa! Beho!’. This continued even when I started working, and up until now. I would just ride along and joke about it as well. Although, it did become personal at times when these hecklers involved my family.

This hatred by Filipinos towards anyone other than The spread of this virus has shown the world the true colour of the Filipino, that we are racists and hypocrites. The sad part is, we are too blinded by our own ‘Pinoy’ pride to even realize it.We despise being looked upon, but given the opportunity, we would look down on other races. Filipinos have this sense of entitlement that we are above our Asian brothers and sisters. 

And this has to stop. We need to learn to love the world and everyone in it. I explained that people have their reasons why they are mad but I know, and we all know that it doesn’t justify the fact that anyone can discriminate people. This post if full of hatred and love at the same time.

The world is like the human body, the anti-bodies are the illness and diseases like Coronavirus, and we are the virus that keeps on destroying the balance to makes sure that every chance to every opportunity is never wasted, just to suck up the human body dry to so we can satisfy our needs.

Not everyone discriminates, there are reliable ones who lend a helping hand to those innocent ones affected by the virus, Filipino or not, a lot of them are helping.

Be that someone.

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