Thoughts of a 21-year old Engineer Student About President Duterte in this Pandemic.

The media always slams the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte with his flaws and shortcomings in this Covid-19 pandemic that the global community is experiencing. Due to mandated by law university curriculum change, the average age of a college student graduating is between 23-25 years old which I think is ridiculous, it makes me feel like all I ever did in this life is study. (Kudos to all physicians, lawyers and the ones with D and H at the end of their name).

My sister is a 21-year old engineering student in one of the well-known institutes in Manila. With all the TikToks, K-pop and social media “millennials” events, she is blinded with all the conspiracy and hardships our country was facing. She asked me to edit this homework that their prof asked them to do.

Great success demands smart and effective planning, like how teachers tediously work on their lesson prep for the day. It is a vital tool for aspiring engineer managers like me in building safe and reliable constructions. We devise plans thoroughly, analyse complex situations and use critical thinking skills to make effective decision-making and lessen possible errors.

Planning gives us a precise method of accomplishing desired outcomes and serves as a guide. Another classic example is how our leader presents his ideas in this pandemic we are facing right now.

President Duterte is required to seek possible schemes and filter good plans to be deliberated as the entire Philippines count on him for their safety and well-being. He has presented and implemented several approaches to limit the spread of the Covid-19, which as we can all see, were unsuccessful and have put the common population (poor) to a disadvantage. Inefficient and rushed planning produces poor outcomes.

Furthermore, the responsibility of conducting a mass test is still out of hand and unknown. I am not that updated much with the current events that are related to Covid-19 but I know that the government made sure that we will have enough budget to cover the majority of the population, especially the impoverished ones.

And now, they are delivering the jurisdiction of mass testing to the private organizations which echo the social-economic discrimination our country is facing. Not everyone will be swabbed, but the demanding VIPs can be tested, regardless if they are symptomatic or not.

Moreover, as per the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine, a business establishment can open but are burdened with the liability of swab testing their employees based on their discretion.

I believe in good governance, let the administration fulfil their duties to those who put them in their presidential and senatorial seats. Let the people experience their support by lessening the risks of Covid-19 by free mass testing.

Transparency is one essential determinant effective planning. I reckon that every Filipino has the right to the liquidation of every spending expenditures that the government is doing with every penny they borrow from other countries.

– Jenah and Xena

I don’t really know what to feel after reading what she wrote. Well, she was a bit accurate with some of the details yet I just feel that there’s so much hate in this article. She doesn’t really watch the news, doesn’t read the newspaper and doesn’t even like listening to my frustrated lawyer mom. Then where did all the hate came from? All the scepticism to the government’s capabilities?

These are just some of the classic drama the media feed to the public, especially to the younger generation like my sister.

I admit we don’t really have the perfect government, we were once big on extrajudicial killings, part of the top ten list of most corrupt countries and a few more roles in some of the top worst list globally. I’m not a DDS or DILAWAN supporter.  I just think the media is inflicting permanent damage to the minds of the young generation or millennials which will be problematic in the future. Dark days, I can say, they will be occupied with the community’s negativity, and will create emotional cages, physical limitations and high numbers of mental health problems.

I’ve been working for 10 years, all the effective trainers I’ve met periodically use the sandwich method to teach and lift up hopeless people like me who are struggling to be a better employee. They never belittle people, rub their mistakes in their face and feed egoistic people till they’re a mess.

They will tell you everything you need to hear, the worst failures and the repeatedly mistake you’ve been doing and all — but, they will also tell you all the good stuff you need to hear to heal. Life is all about the negative and positive, it usually revolves around those two intentions.

I just wrote this because I think the media should put a definitive line between the horrific and the good-to-hear news. I think both are necessary, it’s just that people celebrate more on failures than success which triggers the media from focusing on the bad scope.

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