Happy One Year New Zealand

I arrived in New Zealand last year, 17th of September 2020 If I remembered correctly. I had my first anniversary! I was surprised because time flew so fast that I haven’t crossed out three of my target on my goals list for 2020. On my anniversary day, I went to the same place where I had my first demise, the bus station. For others, it may seem odd like why did I go there instead of visiting the school where I finished my CAP course (it’s like a bridging program for nurses with experience so they can work in New Zealand). Well, I learned a few things and started pondering on a lot of failures on that day the bus left me.

It was pretty awful cause it was a dreadful cold night, and I was not able to go home, I booked an UBER for him using my app cause I thought my bus will still arrive. So anyway, I went back to the same place and started thinking about what happened to my year and if I was able to live up to my decisions and expectations that night — well, I can say I’m still far from it and I’m progressing slowly.

My year had its ups and downs and quite dramatic. I think cause since I’m culturally, physically and mentally adjusting to New Zealand’s norms I had my heart broken due to some mishap, shortcomings and miscommunication here and there. It was not a bad thing though, that’s when I realised I was changing for a bit, not for the best though. When I arrived here, I told myself that I want to create a new personality and be somehow different to who I previously was back home. But living outside your homeland will sometimes make you doubt about yourself, who you really want to be, and how do you even comprehend everything that’s happening around you. One important thing I learned was not everything you planned will happen regardless of how bad you want it to happen.

I’ve experienced crying my heart out every night of the cold and calling my loved-ones and family telling them how my day was.

I lost and gained new friends, who became family. I’ve met people from different cultures and learned new things from them that I never knew existed.

So, I can say that I’m doing well at the moment, contented and happy. I’ve been to breathtaking places I never thought I’d see in this lifetime. I’ve seen a seal and all other animals that I haven’t seen before.

I’ve seen a Christmas parade, worked in ED and got engaged in one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand.

I learned a lot of things throughout the year. I now understand the usual OFW’s argument to their families and also learned that it’s not easy to be one. I know now what it means when they say, “hindi porket nasa abroad madaming pera,” (it doesn’t mean that you work overseas means you’re rich). I’m feeling broke most of the time, either I’m not managing my finances well maybe there’s just a lot of payables. I still eat Maling and egg when it’s three days more before payday and all other things which make me wonder why some OFW (not all, SOME ONLY) are too proud and some even belittle their relatives feeling overprivileged.

The worst thing that I can say that happened to me was when I forgot how to pray peacefully. I was I got hyped with my New Zealand experience that I pray at night like I was chanting like it’s not coming from my heart anymore. But as months went by, I’m started to feel how dark my world has been becoming. Without Jesus Christ and just being excited with what the world can offer me made me, well, quite an awful somebody I think. So, I started praying and reading devotions and hopefully go to church regularly.

I learned a lot of things I’m learning how to manage my finances and grow them. Started reading books and blog sites that will help me grow as an individual in a unique well. I also now go to the gym, eat more vegetables when I can, buying cruelty-free stuff and stopped eating beef — hopefully, I can stop eating other meat as well soon. Well, now I’m doing everything so we can process our residency and hopefully, there’ll be no more COVID problems.

I miss home, of course, my parents, siblings and dogs but I don’t think I’m ready to go home. I have lots of things on my mind, plans that I need to accomplish, debts that I need to pay and people that I need and want to help. Well, it was a fun experience so I can say, happy one year New Zealand!

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