How My Husband Found God

I believe that everyone should have a religion, but I never understood why people fight or argue about their beliefs. I think religion should focus on empowering people’s faith, speaking truth to the people, and give glory to the Lord Almighty. They shouldn’t concentrate on dividing the people and condemning those who are still struggling with their faith due to life’s brokenness, like my husband.

I want to share something that other people find impossible, yet it happened. I always get the same question from everyone, “how did you make your husband go to church with you? How did you make him a Christian?” Then I’ll say, “I didn’t. He’s a catholic.”

My husband hated Christians, but He believed that God is real. He hated them because of the same reasons that others have. Some condemn, some don’t practice what they preach, and some act almighty. Plus, he always says, “they make me feel like I’m a bad person.”

We went out with some of our co-workers (we’re not yet a couple), and someone asked him, “Bro, do you go to church?”, he was caught off-guard by the question because they don’t talk that much. But since my husband is a nice person, despite the annoyance, he answered the question – “No, I don’t. I believe in God, but I never practice my religion.”

Then our co-worker said, “then you’re close-minded.”

We’re co-workers, but since I’m kind of new, we didn’t talk much. But even from afar, I saw the change in his facial expression. He plainly listened to him and stayed quiet the entire night. So, these are just some of the condemnation and comments he gets them.

Then after a few months, we started to date. I go to church every Sunday on my own, sometimes with my siblings. One day he asked, “why are you not inviting me to go with you to church? My ex-girlfriend always invites every week.” I just replied, “I don’t want to force you into something you don’t like.”

So as time goes, I keep going to church, and I always pray when before I eat, I pray whenever I’m sad, and I stay faithful when I face difficult and impossible challenges. Despite the adversities, I trusted God’s purposes and constantly assured him that He had a better plan for me. Then one Sunday, he decided to come with me.

Our church was undergoing renovation, so we had to move to one of the cinemas in the mall. He found it strange initially then decided to buy a large popcorn and coke. I didn’t prevent him from taking them inside. Who am I to stop him?

After a few minutes, he realised on his own that the popcorn and the coke don’t fit what was currently happening. After that day, he stopped coming with me again. I didn’t ask him he, just decided one Sunday to accompany me again until it became a regular thing. Then the next thing I knew, he was singing and praying with me. I didn’t ask him to do any of those.

We then decided to apply to work as nurses in New Zealand. You need to study first then look for a job. He applied for one job post, but only to one hospital. He was in faith and prayed for it every day. He only got one week before he gets deported back home. I even gave up and told him to apply to other hospitals. We even had a friend who knows the manager who can help him.

But he remained faithful. He just stood near the window that’s facing a dull wall. I got scared and even gave up on the belief that he will get that one call.

We’ve been together for almost nine years, we got married this year, and we always pray every day. We pray to Jesus for everything. God has been the centre of our everyday lives, and we always go to Him when we’re happy and sad.

I didn’t teach my husband my religion I taught my husband to know, understand, love and trust God. I showed him a life that has Jesus in it. A life that gives glory to His name and what it means to trust Him.

I didn’t teach my husband how to be a Christian he taught himself how to be one.

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