Random Review: 4 of the Best Skin Care Cruelty-Free Products We Use Every Day

Disclaimer: None of the links are affiliated with any marketing company, the purpose of this blog is just to give out information and provide links for easy access for readers.

Ever since I finished college, I’ve always wanted to support any organization that saves the environment. It was difficult for me because I wasn’t earning that much money yet. So, I just did what I can to make a difference. I was raised in a family that never really cared what product we used as long as it got us through the day. Which is why I am gradually starting to be very particular on the products I consume. 

After quite some time, I managed to keep on using cruelty-free goods. It was difficult cause there were limited options, plus most of these products are way more expensive. 

I didn’t want to spend a lot, so I researched for two weeks about some of the cheapest (less than $100) but quality and cruelty-free products out there. 

Let me share some of my top four cruelty-free facial skin care.

  1. Youth to the People (Facial Wash)
  2. Pixi Toner
  3. The Ordinary
  4. Youth to the People (Superberry Hydrate Mask)


  • Price: NZD $63.00
  • Shelf Life: 2 months
  • Frequency: Twice a day
  • Skin Type: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily and Sensitive

Proof: Ethical Bunny’s Email to Youth to the People and Leaping Bunny’s Product Description

I think this is by far the best facial wash I’ve used. I was skeptical at first because of my dry and oily skin but it worked well. It doesn’t have a strong smell unlike other facial cleansers.

My face feels soft and fresh after every use. The only issue I have is that they don’t have an outlet here in New Zealand. So far, this is the best facial cleanser that even my husband started using it. 

It comes with a pressure nozzle and regular lid which makes it super convenient to bring even when you travel. 

Check it out at Youth to The People if you want to know more about the cleanser, like the ingredients and how to properly use it.

Where to find:


  • Price: NZD $53.00
  • Shelf Life: Almost two months
  • Frequency: Twice a day
  • Skin Type: For all skin types

Proof: Included in the list of Crueltyfreekitty – a credible blog page whenever I want to buy products from companies that don’t test on animals.

Review: I’ve used several toners in the past and it made my face drier. I’m pretty happy with Pixi toner. It’s the the best toner I’ve used. They have a lot of toners but I particularly like the glow tonic. My face feels clean, and my pores feel tighter. 

After a few months of using this toner, my husband’s blackheads are less visible and hopefully will disappear soon. It’s a great exfoliator plus my face feels hydrated as well. 

It doesn’t give me an alcohol-type of dryness feeling even after using it. The only thing is, it doesn’t dry up right away, so you have to wait for a few minutes before applying your serum or cream or elso you’ll just wipe it all away.

It comes in two sizes but I suggest you buy the 250 ml one.

You can check out Pixi Beauty’s website if you want to know more about the ingredients and read to reviews.

Where to find:

You can spot one in retail stores such as Farmers (if you live in New Zealand), but if there’s none you can always check Sephora – Pixi Toner or their main website and choose between the international or US site.

3. THE ORDINARY SERUM Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

  • Price: Less than $15.00 in NZ
  • Shelf Life: One month and a half
  • Frequency: Every other day
  • Skin Type: For all skin types

Proof: Can be found in Leaping Bunny for cruelty-free products and verified by Deciem‘s statement.

Review: Lately, this product is taking the market by storm. Whenever I go to Farmer’s I always find the need to squeeze in the cubicle where The Ordinary is. They usually run out of stock so I started buying an extra one just in case.

I only use the serum every other day. My face became quite dry when I tried using it twice a day. But after shifting it to every other day, it worked out pretty well. My face became soft, and most of my dark and red spots lightened up. 

Plus it has niacinamide and zinc which apparently are two important vitamins that’s good for the skin.

Someone told me to avoid the sunlight when if I’m going to apply it to my face. I’m not sure why, do share some comments if you have any experience using this product. 

Where to find:

Available in all stores, and in some chemist boutiques. If you can’t find any in your local pharmacy, you can check out The Ordinary site that caters international buyers, just change the location and you’re good to go.

4. YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask

  • Price: NZD $84.00
  • Shelf Life: Two months
  • Frequency: Every night
  • Skin Type: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily, Sensitive

Proof: Ethical Bunny’s Email to Youth to the People and Leaping Bunny’s Product Description

Review: This gel-formed mask is one of my favorites. My face felt so soft just after two days of using it. It’s not that slimy on the face, unlike the other creams that I’ve used. 

My face still feels clean after waking up, and to think that I’m a messy sleeper. Additionally, because I live in a very cold city, the mask makes my face feel hydrated and clean and it usually lasts for a day. You also don’t need use a lot because just a small amount of the product is enough to cover your face assuming you have a small face. Where to Find:

These are the products that we use every day. Some of them are quite expensive which is why I did careful research on each product.

I haven’t found a day cream that works well for me that doesn’t test on animals. So, as of the moment, we don’t apply any day cream. I’m thinking of checking out Paula’s Choice but it’ll be too much pricey for me since they don’t have an outlet in New Zealand plus they’re not available in Sephora too.

After researching the proper way on how to apply it, I just do it like this:

  1. Facial Cleanser – to remove any dirt or make-up
  2. Pixi Toner – to prime the face, prep the dry areas, wait for at least 3-5 minutes to dry.
  3. The Ordinary Serum – it’s just vitamins for the skin really
  4. Superberry Hydrate Mask – I don’t use eye cream so I just go straight for the mask. I just apply in on my face and neck area then that’s it.

I don’t really have an 8-step guide to perfect face as of the moment, but I’d say this routine fits our budget and is quite effective. If you guys have any suggestion, feel free to drop a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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