To My Future Marceline and David

People always write about their future husband not seldom write something for their kids. Well, maybe there are a lot who’s looking for companionship than finding their forever love. To my future Marceline and David, these are the names I chose for you because they made me and your dad happy and strong most of the time.

Marceline taught us to be cool with all the misadventures, be feisty and bold. Well, she’s one of the main characters in Adventure Time. She likes to play the guitar, sing songs and always rescue Jake and Finn.

marcelineMarceline, dare to go on even though things don’t go according to your plan. Be an example to those who need people to look up to and respect. Always have the heart to help others without expecting anything in return. Lead others toward success and let them understand that every beginning is a new challenge and there will be prejudice, insecurities and adversities.

Be a woman that shows the world that you exist, show them that women are smart, bold and wear their critical thinking like their favourite underwear. Develop a positive attitude that can impact or influence people’s lives. Spark the goodwill of others who lost hope in this world. Never be afraid to pursue your dreams, even the littlest one, even when the world tells you that you can’t do it because you’re a woman, they’re wrong.

Choose your husband wisely, don’t look at the physical but more on the inside, except the height — just kidding (not kidding!) Don’t let men stumble on you nor make them feel needed neither treat you as a weakling because you are not, like Mom.

Be a woman that loves and values God more than your life. He will teach and guide you in every step of the way. Give you the wisdom that no man can give you in this entire universe. 

David is the closest man to God.

Acts 13:22 says, “After removing Saul, he made David their king. He testified concerning him: ‘I have found David son of Jesse a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.‘”

David, always lead people to do the right thing. Be a man of conviction and be confident in everything you do even if it feels like it’s not going according to your plans. Be that light that others will people when everything seem to be dark. Always be kind to those you meet and help those in need without boasting and pride. Do not be a great man, rather be a good guy.


Being great means letting people know and see the success you’ve achieved, never let people down, and be proud of the man you have become which is nice, of course.

But, being a good man, means treating people with respect, understanding differences, accepts rejection, being humble in all your victories, helping people without any reasons, and a good man is contented with what he has and people love him not because of his greatness but because of who he is to them. No insecurities accept that failure is part of the success and appreciate the simple things in life. A good man doesn’t care about pleasing others but is more focused on valuing his promise as a father and as a husband, loving his future wife and children, never look for imperfections in with your family.

You don’t need people to tell you how great you are, God will show them how he made you better to show the world that He exists. 

Be a good man, like your Dad.


Never be quitters guys, life is short but never easy. Love each other at all times and protect one another. Be independent and accept consequences with your decisions. Never look down on people, or even think that you’re better than them. Always be a better person.

Appreciate your weakness and understand the fact that everybody has one and it is okay to cry sometimes, don’t be like Mom.

Be positive and never let negative thoughts enter and eat up all of what you believe in, always have faith in the faith that you have, don’t be like Dad.

And learn to be patient, with your dreams and goals, remember,


Always turn to God, no matter how hard things are, always turn to God. Despite the heartbreak and life inconsistencies, good or bad always turn to God. Spread His word, and let people see the godliness in you. Jesus Christ loves His children, love Him and talk to him every day, like Mom and Dad.


Whatever happens, we will love you, trust and respect you. We will your first best friends and teacher. We’re not perfect but we will do everything for you, that’s a promise.


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